Pantera Capital, one of the oldest investment firms in the industry , confirmed loss of about 80% value from the investment fund in 2022, with which the fund will begin to restructure its portfolio and focus on .

Pantera Capital is about to launch a new crypto investment fund worth $ 200 million
Pantera lost 80% worth of investment funds in 2022, "pivot" to

Investment funds " Pantera Capital’s Token Fund” has lost 80% of its value in 2022, with nearly 23% of losses recorded in November alone following the exchange’s collapse. . Previously, the platform's "Early-stage Token Fund" also recorded a loss of 71% in value last year. 

Token Fund is a strategic fund that invests in 15-25 tokens focusing on the and adjacent properties. The fund manages $198 million in assets and 13 tokens in its portfolio.

According to media reports, the 3 fund holdings that had the most impact in the November period included  and OP. While  The minimum damage is recorded. This is because the fund "quickly sold" the above tokens as soon as the news explode, which exits  at 20 USD before the coin fell to 10 USD. 

Elsewhere, Pantera Capital said the fund has begun to redirect most of its portfolio back to altcoins after a long period of "hiding" with and since last spring, the timing of the chain crisis started with the crash LUNA-UST, to the lending platform bankrupt.

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The move comes as the crypto industry saw a rally in January 2023 after a severe decline last year. The evidence is that the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index fund, although it has fallen by 72% in 2022, has quickly recovered to increase by nearly 40% since the beginning of this year, Pantera said.

Joey Krug, co-chief investment officer at Pantera, said:

“I think we are just getting started now, recently the fund has returned with some altcoins that we think will outperform. ETH in the next cycle.”

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