is the network decentralized .

The project's security feature is being able to create a type of digital asset called Tokenized Data, which allows users to control their data and earn rewards from staking.

“The mechanism of action of The Network” | Source: Coin98.NET

In addition, Oasis uses a ParaTime Architecture that separates consensus (Consensus Layer) from computation (ParaTime Layer) allowing for greater scalability and supporting diverse specialized compute needs.

Blockchain Oasis Network will spend 160 million USD

Communication Oasis Network will spend $160 million to support projects under construction in its ecosystem.

The Oasis Foundation on November 17 announced the deployment of a $160 million ecosystem development fund for the Oasis Network, a private blockchain protocol focused on development. and the data economy.

With a scaling solution called ParaTime, the project promotes itself as an alternative blockchain to with much lower transaction costs.

The new fund was established to attract development teams to the Oasis Network to establish new decentralized applications that can support DeFi, , data tokenization and even .

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The amount of the fund will be raised from a variety of sources, including funding from the Oasis Foundation itself and contributions from organizations investing in the project, including AME Cloud Ventures, Dragonfly Capital Partners, Draper Dragon Fund , Electric Capital, FBG, Capital, Kenetic Capital, NGC Ventures and Pantera Capital.

Token price of Oasis Network is increasing strongly thanks to the above news.

15m graph of pair / on the floor at 11:45 PM on 11/17/2021

Thus, Oasis is the latest name to join the "ecosystem stimulus package race" between blockchains, after (400 million USD), (100 million USD), (370 million won) ), (300 million USD), Algorand (150 million won) ), (10.7 billion won) ), ($185 million), (100 million USD), Smart Chain ($1 billion), (774 million USD) and Near (800 million USD).

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