Nova Finance , a decentralized financial protocol () based Solana, announced the completion of a $3 million funding round with participation from Rhestone Capital, Capital, Sky Vision Capital, Animoca Brands, Morningstar Ventures, Lian Group, 3Commas, DFG, Spark Digital Capital, Jsquare, Genblock Capital, Mirana, Stacker Ventures, Ascendex, Solanium, Citizen X and others.

Nova Finance raises $3 million
Nova Finance investment round

For what purpose was Nova Finance born?

Finance is a programmable asset framework that allows anyone to access without having to learn complex financial management skills. With the product, users can create asset portfolios to automatically generate profits through profit strategies, all while executing investment strategies such as dollar cost averaging, profit-taking calls and more.

This new synthetic asset class allows professionals program assets to follow complex investment strategies and create portfolios in which less experienced users can monitor and invest.

Tom Sichel, a core contributor to Financial Protocol , said:

“We started working with investors who could contribute significant value through their capital, knowledge and networks. I am happy to say that we have succeeded in this, there is no doubt that Nova has a diverse and experienced group of investors. Their support will drive adoption and utility for Nova's programmable asset framework. ”

Adam Greenberg, another core contributor to Nova Financial Protocol, said, “This grant allows us to expand our team and enhance the functionality of our programmable asset framework. . In particular, it allows us to focus further on collaborating and integrating with other DeFi protocols in the Ecosystem. and more ".

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Charles Read, co-founder of R Mostone Capital added: “R Mostone is delighted to have incubated the seed. from its early stages. It has been a privilege to work alongside the founders with everything from product architecture, token engineering, systems design, go-to-market, and marketing.

Overall, we believe Nova's new and simple approach to portfolio management and asset investing will attract a wide range of new users, positively impacting this whole new and emerging asset class. "

Solana hackathon winner

Solana Hackathon winners will make offers initial () at the beginning of Q4 to bring its governance token to market. Soon, Nova Financial Protocol will be launched on the Solana mainnet. The Nova Governance Token will allow users to vote and prioritize portfolios for different investment objects and receive rewards for doing so. Details will be available here soon.



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