Despite the recent negative news regarding the collapse of the exchange and the departure of some prominent projects such as DeGods and y00ts, market above Solana is exploding rapidly.

They are driven by ecosystem seniors like Taiyo Pilots, ABC, Okay Bears, Elixir, Famous Federation, Mokey Business. Among them, ABC is leading the way with an increase of 1,700% from the lows in November.


ABC chart/ Daily | Source: Magiceden

This growth can be attributed to the partnership with HadeSwap, one of the platforms top dedicated to above . Người dùng có thể staking ABC để nhận thưởng 40% tổng cung HADES, token quản trị của nền tảng.

Some small-cap but good-quality projects like Sharx by and Underground Society are also emerging as a phenomenon. In which Sharx by is about NFT and Underground Society on margin creating liquidity for NFT. They both have very impressive gains from the lows, with Sharx by gaining over 700% and Underground Society 500% in just 1 month minting Launchpad on Magic Eden.


SHARX chart/ Daily | Source: Magiceden

Underground Society/SOL 4-hour chart | Source: Magiceden

After all, Solana is one of the largest NFT markets, second only to . According to NFT data tracking platform CryptoSlam, Solana has had more than $80 million in NFT sales in the past 30 days. there were more than 800,000 transactions in that period, far exceeding and ImmutableX.


Source: CryptoSlam

Market capitalization of prominent NFT projects (Source: Hyperspace)

  1. DeGods: $87 million
  2. y00ts: $36 million
  3. ABC: $28 million
  4. Sharx by $3 million
  5. Underground Society: $1 million
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In general, NFT is becoming the center of attention on Solana and these NFT projects still have the potential to grow in the future when users return.

The price of SOL has dropped quite sharply in 2022, but in reality the top NFT projects on it still have growth of up to 100 or 300 times the mint price. It can be said that, with NFT Solana, there is no winter this year.

Who knows, it will be triggered by the big bang Bonk Inu, a memecoin modeled after Shiba Inu that has been taking the market by storm for the past week. Many traders have returned to the market to catch the wave this time.

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