Market Blur has announced to delay the launch of its native BLUR token to February 14 after committing to a January launch date.

“We know this has exceeded our initial estimate for the January launch, and we apologize for the delay. We're trying new things and the extra two weeks will allow us to make a debut like never before."

This platform, has positioned itself as the market intended for “professional traders” since its launch in October, has attracted the attention of seasoned JPEG users thanks to its zero transaction fees, ability to “scan the floor” in the market , showing snipping and advanced analysis. It is also backed by a number of industry giants, including venture capital giants , quỹ đầu tư gốc NFT 6529, nhà sưu tập nghệ thuật kỹ thuật số Cozomo Medici và những người khác.

Notably, the marketplace has been consistently airdropping BLURs to users over the past few months, rewarding them for varying degrees of engagement on the platform. It first started airdropping “care packages” of BLUR tokens in October to anyone trading NFT-based in the past six months. Care packages have been classified into different levels, including uncommon, rare, legendary and mythical.

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“Our goal is to make Blur a marketplace that the entire NFT community can own and profit from,” the platform wrote last October. “The Care Package can be opened with BLUR when we launch the token and the governance of the protocol in January.”

In November, the platform launched another caregiving airdrop to all traders who listed NFT on Blur for the month, this time rewarding active Blur traders with “the most tokens and control over the protocol.” .

Airdrop 3, the last airdrop, launched in December and rewards users who actively bid on collections listed on Blur. In its announcement, the market said the majority of BLUR tokens will be distributed to the community.

Thursday's announcement received mixed responses from users eager for more information on the long-term plans for the tokens.

One Twitter user wrote:

“Can the platform send them information about it such as Tokenomic, whitepaper? There must be at least something."

Others said the delay would allow the platform to continue to offer incentivized trading opportunities and increase activity on the site.

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“Blur is extending the token launch period so it can continue to incentivize users for another two weeks before people earn less and are less likely to use Blur!”

Blur has also brought attention to the creator's royalty stance, an ongoing debate among communities. NFT where some competitors have cut royalties to entice traders looking for the best deals. While royalties are optional on BLUR, the platform has created a rewards program that incentivizes users to pay royalties in exchange for more BLUR tokens.

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