Near Protocol () announced the launch of a JavaScript Software Development Kit (JS SDK) to make it easier for developers.

NEAR launches SDK in JavaScript programming language to attract more developers
launching SDK in JavaScript programming language to attract more developers

JS SDK NEAR will allow JavaScript developers to develop on the net without having to learn a second language in the current context of most built in more complex programming languages like and Rust, this presents a significant barrier for many developers.

Additionally, the JS SDK will also be implemented in TypeScript which will be available alongside NEAR's Rust SDK, to allow developers to use their preferred language.

NEAR founder Illia Polosukhin while announcing the launch said:

“Developers can spend less time learning a new language and more time building. Millions of developers already know how to program in JavaScript.

Allowing this team to build new applications on top of NEAR is an important step towards achieving our vision of one billion users interacting with NEAR. "

In fact, usability remains an important challenge impeding Web3 adoption. To achieve this, developers need an environment that is as simple as possible, so that they can build more user-centric products.

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Since most of the market leading protocols are for developers () or Rust (), so NEAR is looking to harmonize their experience.

NEAR is a sharding platform, a protocol built to dynamically adjust based on user needs. This system saves developers from having to worry about migrating to new networks when the need arises their increased.

As a Sharding network, NEAR allows transactions to be processed faster and in larger quantities while maintaining the security of the network. To learn more about Sharding, please read the details through the article below:

In addition, Mr. Illia Polosukhin also emphasized that the decision to provide JS SDK will open up the field of development. suitable for a significantly wider audience.

“There are about 20 million JavaScript developers in the world. Probably like every developer in some way or another who has written JavaScript in their life. And what we allow you to do is write smart contracts in JavaScript.”

However, it can be seen that through the latest move, NEAR is extremely rushing in recruiting more developers to contribute more power to the project.

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According to many industry experts, NEAR's sharding model has a certain degree of correlation with . So, when The Merge is only a month away from launching, NEAR also needs to strengthen its competitive position in particular and many blockchain competitors. different from the overall market.

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