Propaganda house famed Michael Saylor stepped down as CEO to become executive chairman of the board at MicroStrategy, with the goal of focusing on software business development and advocacy . Recently, he responded to the joking tweet of about the intention to buy the football team Manchester United.

“Recommend to buy some more Bitcoin".

Earlier, in February 2021, Musk announced that bought 1.5 billion dollars and start allowing payments in Bitcoin. However, just two months later, the payment option was suspended due to controversial environmental impact issues. However, still holding all that Bitcoin until recently – in Q2 2022, the company sold 75% , leaving only $218 million in BTC on the balance sheet.

Bitcoin was sold for around $29,000, while the company bought BTC for $31,620.

Musk's Personal Bitcoin Vault

In March of this year, the eccentric billionaire tweeted that he is not selling any of his cryptocurrencies. At the time, Musk was said to be holding Bitcoin, and .

It is currently unclear whether Musk still holds his BTC. As for Tesla's stance on Bitcoin, however, he assured the community that the company is open to increasing exposure in the future.

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However, in his tweets, Musk emphasized that like than all other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

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