Games  is said to be the new breeze of the gaming industry. This is a game built on the platform - building platform .

The blockchain gaming market has long been heralded as one of the key on-ramps into the crypto space and – thanks to its instant access, entertainment value and potential to disrupt the gaming industry.


Until recently, most of these games were transitory and lacked lasting entertainment value. Indeed, most are rated as minigames or MVPs (roughly translated: minimum available product) by casual gaming industry standards.

But , a new space exploration, conquest and battle game, is looking to break that mold by providing a gaming experience that rewards players with digital assets for their efforts and achievements. .

What is MetaWars (WARS)?

is an upcoming multiplayer role-playing and strategy game that uses blockchain technology to power a player-owned and operated in-game economy that spans the entire digital universe.

The game is designed as an epic space adventure in which gamers explore an uncharted universe filled with mysteries, surprises and potentially valuable loot. power.

Set in the 50th century, MetaWars has an ultra-modern aesthetic designed to represent a vision of humanity's achievements and evolution three millennia away.

As a game play-to-earn, MetaWars offers players a variety of ways to monetize gameplay, such as defeating enemies in PvP and PvE battles, earning and trading , mining, terrain development and staking on in-game assets.

The platform has its own utility token, called WARS. Tokens have many important roles in the MetaWars game and economy, used to participate in auctions, administer the game, buy insurance, staking, …

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How does MetaWars work?

MetaWars is a decentralized application () is expected to launch on blockchain Smart Chain (BSC). Like most blockchain games, players can access MetaWars and features through a standard web browser and Web3 wallet (such as ).

Gamers will be transported across the universe thanks to the game's "story" mode. This mode will gradually unfold through a variety of alliance missions, including helping to defend the alliance, building spaceports and spacecraft, as well as exploring uncharted regions of space. .

Each major planet will be split into separate sections, each of which is called a terrain. Gamers can buy and develop terrain to earn income through mining, farming and renting, but need to protect their assets from other players looking to plunder resources. The more terrain a gamer has on a planet, the greater the chance of becoming the primary owner of that planet.

MetaWars has 3 main ways to play:

  • Fight: A combat exploration and strategy game, players will encounter a range of threats as they travel across the MetaWars universe. This will definitely lead them into PvP and PvE battles. The winners will receive rewards.
  • Discover: MetaWars has a vast universe with rich potential to explore. As the story unfolds, players will discover a universe filled with opportunities but also dangers.
  • Develop: Players can build many thriving industries across the MetaWars universe, helping them monetize their conquests and efforts, and form part of a broader, complex MetaWars. As players level up in the game, they can buy and upgrade fleets of ships and terrain, as well as use the market to sell or buy in-game assets.
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The game features a two-token economy, consisting of the aforementioned WARS token and an extra token called Gamma (GAM). GAM is used to power much of the play-to-earn functionality, being the primary reward token for most game mechanics. GAM is also used to pay for upgrades and some other features, which can be earned by staking WARS. Both tokens are assets -20 deployed on SmartChain.

In addition, most in-game assets exist on the blockchain as . Includes avatars, ship components, terrain, skins, etc.

Follow roadmap Official project of the project, the first version of MetaWars is scheduled to launch in Q4 of 2021. Likewise, the WARS staking feature and the demo version of the game are expected to launch later in the year. Other short-term goals on the MetaWars roadmap include providing the NFT marketplace, adding new player roles and PvE scenarios, and introducing PvP gameplay.

MetaWars has ended the rounds on October 27, 2021 and followed by the token issuance event (TGE), listing on the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap operating on BSC.

What makes MetaWars unique?

Along with a growing number of blockchain-based games, MetaWars offers not only an enjoyable gaming experience, but also potential profits. The platform does this by combining a carefully balanced, player-driven economy with a sustainable rewards system that incentivizes them to interact with the game and grow the NFT collection.

In addition, MetaWars boasts a number of features that competitors do not have:

Low initial market cap

In order to foster the community and ensure that MetaWars can soon reach gamers and play-to-earn enthusiasts alike, the WARS token will launch with a market cap of just $423,000. For comparison, the closest competitors are and The currently have market values of 190 million and 700 million dollars respectively.

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Muscle processing play-to-earn

As a play-to-earn game, gamers can earn real-world revenue by participating in the game's story or more in-depth elements such as terrain construction and development, territory invasion, and more. other players, farm for resources, upgrade equipment, and buy/sell items through the NFT Metawars marketplace.

A total of 26,86% WARS token supply is allocated to the reward fund of the ecosystem to reward gamers, staking profits, bonuses, incentives...

Community Administration

MetaWars is managed by players through the WARS token. They can submit and vote on governance proposals that help shape development, modify the way the game works, and the play-to-earn mechanics. The size of a user's voting power will be proportional to the number of WARS tokens they have staked.

Deep upgrade system wide

As a competitive game with elements of PvP and PvE combat, MetaWars includes several ways to level up and upgrade the abilities of equipment, ships, and buildings. By allocating resources carefully to build optimal fleets and farms, gamers can maximize play-to-earn rewards and become rulers of the universe.

Play-to-Earn in 5 step

Play-to-earn gaming is a rapidly blossoming field in the blockchain space and is arguably one of the best ways to gain exposure to the unique, beneficial properties of digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFT.

If you want to get into the play-to-earn space and major platforms offer this feature, it's a good idea to start with these steps:

  • Learn about (a popular Web3 crypto wallet).
  • Understand the basics of NFT instruction.
  • Read the glossary of play-to-earn terms.
  • Learn how to manage risk when investing/trading.
  • Browse the top play-to-earn tokens.

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