American billionaire very excited about switch from PoW model to for two main reasons. He believes that Merge will significantly cut the energy consumption of the protocol and it can turn into a deflationary asset.

American billionaire

Mark Cuban “I'm Optimistic”

This summer, is expected to change the infrastructure from a PoW power-intensive mining model to , cause less harmful to the environment. Many investors and participants in the space think the upgrade will be beneficial Ethereum and accelerate its dominance.

Prominent among them is the owner of The Dallas Mavericks – Mark Cuban. He said that after the transition, Ethereum will have a much more “green” focus, which will increase adoption rates in the wider community.

Additionally, Cuban predicts the transition will "could make" become a deflationary asset. The billionaire explained that the supply of the coin will decrease sharply, while the mining process new slower.

“After the Merge, the amount of ETH issued is expected to decrease by 90%, resulting in similar fees to reduce the one-year supply of ETH 5%,” the company said. IntoTheBlock proposed earlier this year.

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Cuban said he has not yet invested in Beacon Chain but admitted to allocating some of his assets to ETH and multiple projects built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Mark Cuba “ETH has a lot of potential

Despite being opposed to the fledgling asset class before, the businessman is now an ardent supporter. He often praised the value of with the argument that it is a better financial instrument than gold. Cuban's NBA team Dallas Mavericks accepts digital assets as a means of payment for tickets and merchandise products. Even memecoins Popularity is also one of them.

However, Cuban seems to have a particular view of Ethereum. In October last year, he advised those who are just starting out in space should choose ETH as an investment option because it has the greatest upside potential:

“As an investment, I think ETH will gain the most.”

Before that, he gave 3 reasons why ETH will dominate Future. It is the higher number of transactions, the variety of transaction types and the efforts to develop inside the brainchild by Vitalik Buterin.

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