Billionaire investor recently said that projects with no real value will be removed from the existing market, while disruptive projects will continue to grow.

Billionaire investor

“In the stock market and , you will see companies that are maintained with cheap, easy money but without the right business prospects disappear. As Warren Buffett once said, "When the tide is low, you'll see who's swimming naked."

Cuban said these projects are easy to develop during a bull market when prices are trending up. Even without a solid business plan or providing real value, many of them get funding and grow.

But, he thinks they will become extinct when the market is hit by bears. As every project needs a solid token economy (tokenomics) and real value to survive amid the depressed sentiment that accompanies the downtrend that pervades the space.

“Disruptive apps and technologies are released during a bear market, whether in stocks, or any business, will always find a market and succeed.”

As a major proponent of , Cuban predicts and are breakthrough projects that will leapfrog after the bear market ends.

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Welcome bear market

Many well-known crypto execs agree with Cuban when it comes to bear market benefits.

Speech after the defeat of , many other names have said that the market will eliminate projects with no real value and is a way to improve the space in the long term.

Web3 Foundation CEO Bertrand Perez is one of them, asserting that there are many tokens and projects that need to be removed from the market. CEO Brad Garlinghouse of agree with Perez and question whether the digital currency community really needs more than 19,000 currencies?

Chairperson US Brett Harrison also emphasized only some projects have practical value.

“Perhaps there shouldn't be hundreds different in 10 years, I think there will be a few clear winners with different applications.”

CEO Mihailo Bjelic of agree with the rest, asserting the current bear market is a healthy correction. It will benefit the space in the long run by eliminating projects that have no value.

Current bear market

For some, the bear market comes later LUNA incident and many projects fell further after the 18-month low of .

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Total crypto market capitalization has dropped by 60% to $895 billion as of press time.

The market is currently showing no signs of turning bullish. Despite that, still have better returns than 73% in the long run compared to other great investment options. Many believe that after the market purifies itself through bear claws, will enter an exponential growth phase and reach $100,000.

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