Exchanges top on is Magic Eden announcing more support blockchain Polygon, after and .

Magic Eden extended support network  ()

Instead of just operating as a pure NFT trading place, Magic Eden wants to expand and take advantage of the niche market emerging on .

Currently, Magic Eden is the largest NFT marketplace on Solana by transaction volume. Earlier this year, the project switched to multi-chain development, is the first destination launched in August. This means that Polygon is the third blockchain this NFT marketplace has visited, if Solana is included. 

The NFT exchange hopes to be able to provide more support for game developers who want to integrate NFT. Zhuoxun Yin, co-founder of Magic Eden said:

“Given the popularity of Polygon as a low-cost EVM compatible chain, the partnership with Polygon will further strengthen Magic Eden's position as a platform Top Web3.”

In addition, several game publishers such as Bora, IntellaX, nWay, Block Games, Boomland, Planet Mojo and Taunt Battleworld are preparing to release their NFT games on Polygon via the Magic Eden launchpad.

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At the end of June, Magic Eden successfully raised 130 million USD, raising the company's valuation to 1.6 billion USD. After that, the marketplace established Magic Ventures, focusing on developing Web3 gaming. In the next 2 months, Magic Eden was continuously hit with deadlines, was turned away by the community, and there was a lot of criticism surrounding the censorship process and NFT copyright. But recently, when things calmed down, the organization decided to switch to an optional royalty model.

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