LedgerX, the US derivatives exchange is FTX acquired in October 2021, is currently for sale after the news of the parent company's bankruptcy.

LedgerX's on sale

LedgerX is considered one of the “most valuable” assets of since officially filing for bankruptcy for the same 130 subsidiaries in the network. It's unclear how much LegderX will be valued, though.

According to financial statements filed on November 17, LedgerX has $303 million in cash. This amount may include a $250 million LedgerX fund dedicated to bidding, with $175 million already set aside to be transferred as “bankruptcy assets” to FTX. 

It is known that quite a few potential organizations are expressing interest in this deal, including .com, Gemini, Bitpanda and Kalshi. These are all entities that have used LedgerX for trading purposes before.

Representatives of the parties have not yet commented on this information. However, some sources close to the negotiations said that the negotiations are becoming serious, even with at least one party putting pen to paper to "close the deal". 

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