What is Project Persistence (XPRT)?

Persistence is an ecosystem of solutions for both individuals and organisations. Connecting traditional finance and decentralized finance. The project focuses on 3 core goals:

Current products of the project


is a product of Persistence that provides a platform for traders (buyers and sellers) to focus on commodity trade and import/export or logistics. Comdex is the first product in the Persistence ecosystem and has processed over $65 million in trading volume, with $500 million slated for 2021. :

  • Complex has API integration with real-world KYC/AML and background check platforms.
  • Complex uses tokenization technology for documents related to commercial activities.
  • Complex provides a decentralized exchange, allowing traders to create buy and sell orders, to trade commodities and commercial contracts.
  • Escrow and Smart Contract features automatically establish commercial contract agreements and automatic or flexible payments.
  • And of course indispensable Complex Wallet. Wallet integrated with the platform.
  • The platform provides DeFi lending and borrowing solutions.
  • All data is stored on-chain, public and transparent, any user with access can check and verify the information. Any sponsor can check and verify the profile of the individual or organization to make the donation.


Audit. is a service that allows users to participate in the running of validators (Validator) of Blockchain networks, called a staking service (What is Staking-as-a-Service). Currently supporting running the following networks: , Skale, , , , , , , , .



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Staking liquidity application, to unlock the liquidity of staked assets, allowing investors to generate higher returns from their staked assets. With a market size of more than 500 billion USD tokens are staked on the blockchain.

With pStake, we have two types of tokens: Wrap Token (converted 1:1 ratio, for example wATOM = 1 ), StkToken is a proof-of-stake token. Brothers swap stkToken and wToken. Then use many other purposes in the DeFi platform to increase profits. Currently p.Stake is about to roll out to the network Hub ().

The next p.Stake plan is assets like , , , .

in: https://alpha.pstake.finance/ (Note using Ropsten test network on )


Asset Mantle

Build a Marketplace platform that is the hub of the universe of NFTs. Product under research.

Is a product of the platform. Under development.

Persistence building infrastructure


Persistence infrastructure layers

With the above infrastructure structure, Persistence's ambition is to provide a single point of access for all blockchains. now.

  • Layer 1: Validator runs validators
  • Layer 2: Frameworks SDKs
  • Layer 3: Persistence's Application Layer

Technology module documentation and tool details of the access platform here

What is Token Persistence (XPRT)?

Persistence (XPRT) is a deflationary, native token of the Persistence platform that has an initial supply of 100,000,000 XPRT and a maximum supply of 403,308,352 XPRT. Inflation halving occurs every two years and the maximum supply cap is expected to be reached in 2035. XPRT producers will be able to earn staking rewards around 35% in the first two years.

Token Persistence

XPRT's role is to pay for the platform's services, distributing transaction fee revenue across the range of services and products Persistence offers to Validators and users who have staked XPRT.

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Some basic information about Persistence token (XPRT)

  • Token Name: Persistence Token
  • Ticker: XPRT
  • Blockchain: updating
  • Standard Tokens: updating
  • Contract Address: updating
  • Supply of circulation: updating
  • Initial total supply: 000 000 XPRT
  • Maximum total supply: 308.352 XPRT
  • Explorer: https://explorer.persistence./

Persistence Token Allocation (XPRT)

  • Validator/Strategic Round Sale: 000000 XPRT, 10.0% Total supply at Genesis at the start, 0.1 USD per token;
  • Sell seed rings: 00.000 XPRT, 8.0% Total Supply at Genesis, 0.15 USD per token;
  • Private ring sale:000000 XPRT, 6.0% Total Supply at Genesis, $0.25 per token
  • Public Round Sale (Auction):000000 XPRT, 1.0% Total Supply at Genesis
  • Adviser:000000 XPRT, 4.0% Total Supply at Genesis
  • Ecosystem:400,000 XPRT, 19,40% Total Supply at Genesis
  • Marketing/Development:600,000 XPRT, 25.6% Total Supply at Genesis
  • Encourage validators: Validator Incentive: 10,000,000 XPRT, 10.0% Total Supply at Genesis

Token distribution roadmap and estimated circulation



Persistence has worked hard to grow its network, with some notable results. Hailing from India, the project is headed by Tushar Aggarwal, CEO of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, and Deepanshu Tripathi, CTO, both with extensive background knowledge as blockchain and fintech entrepreneurs .


On the advisory side, Persistence introduced co-founders/executives from projects including , and and investment firms including Spartan Capital, Arcanum Capital and Tavis Digital. The project has attracted famous investors, including Arrington Capital, and 3Commas, among others….

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Partners and investors


Node running partners (Validator)

Persistence has also introduced an impressive global pool of validators to its network, including Pool, , Protocol and Tavis Digital. Sixteen validators in the ecosystem secure a total value of over $7 billion in assets. Nearly 90% Persistence XPRT tokens are staked, with XPRT staking yielding more than 35% rewards.


How to earn and own Persistence token (XPRT)

XPRT is being traded on two exchanges Gate.io and AdsendEX. people can create accounts and trade on these two exchanges.

Persistence token storage wallet (XPRT)

Currently, you can only store on Persistence wallet and stake tokens directly into this wallet. Access and create a wallet here.

Besides, you can also save directly on the two exchanges above.

The future of Persistence (XPRT), should I invest in XPRT coin?

Persistence project to build DeFi applications on Cosmos technology and ecosystem. Looking at it, you can see that behind the project are the big guys in the blockchain industry, the potential of the project is huge. Current capitalization fully diluted only reached around 1 billion USD. This is quite a modest number compared to the size of the customer market that Persistence is going to serve. Due to the large scale of the product, according to then the Persistence team will need a long implementation time. All information in the article is information provided by T-REX aggregates research and does not constitute investment advice. T-REX is not responsible for any direct and indirect risks. Good luck!

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