This paragraph Instructions will be given on how to participate by wallet .is and Fearles Wallet. will take the example with the project Protocol, you can do the same with other projects.


If you are available above .js, go to page on Polkadot.js and click “Contribute” in the right column next to Spiritnet. Click here.

Crowdloan Guide to Kusama parachain auction

This will open a pop-up window.

  1. Select the account you want to contribute to.
    2. Select quantity you want to contribute.
    3. Click “Contribute” (bottom right).

You will then be asked to sign and submit this transaction.

Sign the transaction – You are done.

Fearless Wallet

Fearless Wallet is a Polkadot wallet/ the most popular today, developed by the company Japan Soramitsu, parent company of Sora platform, Polkaswap. First, you need to install Fearless wallet on your mobile phone.

For OS IOS Apple's.

For OS Android by Google.

You proceed with the installation as the wallets otherwise, remember to carefully store the 12 seed characters (Seed Phase) so as not to lose your account. You can watch the video on how to install Fearless wallet here.

After successful installation, go to the “Crowdloans” tab at the bottom of the screen.

Select the project you want to contribute to, in this example we choose KILT Protocol, other projects follow the same.

Enter the amount of KSM you want to contribute. Below are network fees, estimated rewards, and KSM lock time.

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You can also view project-specific crowdloan information, such as funds raised, time remaining, and a link to the project's crowdloan page.

Click “Continue” to continue.

Double check for the last time that the KSM number you put in the crowdloan is correct. If there are no errors, click Confirm.

The red circled side is the amount of KSM you have contributed.

That's it, you're done, all bonus tokens will be automatically paid to the wallet, you don't need to do anything else.

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