Huobi Lists Unbound Finance (UNB) on Primelist

Global will list Unbound Finance () on the Primelist platform on December 14.

*Similar to Prime, Primelist is a new token listing platform of Huobi Global. With Primelist, participants will have the opportunity to buy new tokens at a low price, and can trade newly listed tokens right after the Primelist event ends*

What is Unbound Finance (UNB)?

Unbound Finance is a decentralized cross-chain liquidity protocol that builds an ecosystem of derivatives -native can combine the word above SmartChain, , , , , HECO, KCC,  and .

Unbound offers a suite of products to unlock liquidity from multiple  on the various, including synthetic assets collateralized by token liquidity pools, new cross-origin liquidity pools from multiple AMM, financial instruments to interest and compound interest, and more…

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backer UNB

Token distribution and locking mechanism:

huobi primelist

Open for sale UNB on Primelist

huobi primelist UNB

There are 2 ways for users to join Primelist. Each user can only choose one method to join, and the selected method cannot be changed after registration is complete.

Note that when joining Primelist, the account is required to complete KYC.

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Option 1: Register for universal queue (no need to hold HT)

  • Sign up for a Huobi Global account and complete KYC
  • Hold at least 50 in accounts
  • Surplus in the account will be automatically locked after completing the registration.
  • The system will randomly select 8,000 lucky people out of all the participants in the queue
  • If someone is not selected, the system will unlock USDT and pay USDT about your account

Method 2: Hold HT

  • Must hold at least 300 HT average to participate
  • The snapshot time will start from 23h on December 10, 2021 to 22h59p59s on December 13, 2021 (VN time).
  • Please ensure that you have the minimum amount of USDT required in your account to place an order according to the following table. And all payments will be made in USDT.
holding HT

See detailed rules of participation:

Sign up to buy on Primelist:

UNB opening details

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