Chainalysis and US law enforcement recovered $30 million stolen from the case hack Ronin bridge March of .

Chainalysis and US law enforcement recover $30 million from Ronin attack

So it's been almost 6 months since hackers - later linked by the US government to the North Korean Lazarus Group cybercriminal organization - knocked down the Ronin Network (RON) bridge, connect to of the game P2E . The attacker has siphoned more than 622 million USD, making this the most serious security incident in the history of the industry – clears Poly Network's record $611 million in 2021.

As of today (September 9,), Chainalysis and US law enforcement have tracked down and recovered $30 million in stolen funds.

“We noticed the hacker bridged from luxurious Chain and then transfer to USDD, bridging with BitTorrent chain. The Lazarus Group has performed hundreds of similar transactions on several to launder the money stolen from Axie Infinity, alongside Tornado Cash as usual.”

Erin Plante, Elliptic's global head of investigations, said:

"This is the first time stolen by a group of captured North Korean hackers and we're confident it won't be the last."

But it must be admitted that the number confiscated is insignificant compared to the total amount of money stolen by the hacker group and is only a "grain of sand" in the desert.

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Coin68 once reported the attacker's "stepping path", based on the report of on-chain investigator “₿liteZero” – who works for SlowMist and contributes to the Security report mid-2022 of the company.

Ronin's side is still in the recovery and regeneration stage. Immediately after the security incident, the project immediately raised 150 million USD to compensate 100% for users' losses; open the Bug Bounty program to detect bugs with a prize of 1 million USD; Announcement of the project reform plan; Conduct an audit before reopening the bridge; Apply new governance mechanism; Set a maximum daily withdrawal limit and most recently announced an increase in the number of transaction validating nodes to enhance network security in mid-August, getting closer to the 3-month goal of establishing 21 independent nodes. and in the more distant future 100 active nodes.

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