Circle and GitHub are complying with the new regulation that the US Treasury Department has imposed on the mixing platform Tornado Cash – protocol for making transactions privately on the network .

Companies that enforce Tornado sanctions

Several companies have begun blocking Tornado Cash-related activity.

Yesterday (August 8), the US Treasury Department notification sanction 38 addresses Ethereum and 6 addresses related to Tornado Cash, and penalize the platform's website.

Now, there are already two companies complying. , publisher , has blacklisted the addresses provided by the Ministry of Finance.

In spite of has not officially commented on the matter, but a transaction scanning bot related to the USDC blacklist function indicates that the address number is currently blocked.

One estimate shows that the total value of the freeze is over 75,000 USDC ($75,000) belonging to Tornado users.

Additionally, Github has also taken steps to comply with the sanctions by deleting accounts belonging to Tornado developers, including Roman Semenov and Alexey Pertsev.

“My GitHub account has just been suspended. Is it illegal to write an open source code now?”, Semenov Write on Twitter.

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Several Tornado Cash-related GitHub pages were also removed, although it is unclear whether those accounts were removed voluntarily or by GitHub itself.

Contrary to those compliance efforts, two advocacy centers expressed opposition to the sanctions.

Coin Center's Jerry Brito has criticize Treasury policy for punishing a “neutral” instrument rather than a specific person accused of wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, Jake Chervinsky's Association supports Coin Center's argument, speak added that the ban had "crossed a line the US government has always respected".

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