Hetzer, Germany's leading cloud hosting company and is supporting nearly 16% nodes of , notice not allowed to use its resources for mining .

Servers of more than 15% nodes on Ban mining and staking

After the incident of many large units in the industry block wallets from interacting with Tornado Cash because US sanctions have not completely subsided, community Ethereum suffered the next wave of "turns away", this time from infrastructure service providers.

Hetzner, a cloud computing company based in Germany, has caused a stir in the community Ethereum when writing that their product is not authorized to be used for activities related to , including mining, staking, or trading, in a conversation above .

Hetzner is also aware that “a lot of Ethereum users use Hetzner products,” and that they are “still in internal discussions to resolve this issue in the best way.” Reportedly, Hetzner's Terms of Use also state that they have the right to block users' access if users do not follow the rules set out.

According to Ethernode statistics, there are more than 15% nodes on Ethereum using servers from Hetzner, and this incident has once again sounded the alarm about Ethereum's dependence on centralized infrastructures. .

This is considered a major weakness of not only Ethereum but of platforms another, because just these infrastructures have technical problems or worse, issue an indefinite ban on cryptocurrencies like in the case of Hetzner, the operation of decentralized applications will also be delayed, greatly affecting this very vulnerable market.