Continued to be the reply from Solana Foundation for "bloody" war   in recent days. 

Ecosystem how after? bankrupt?

Update 11/25 pm:

By the morning of November 22, The Foundation released its latest statement on the exposure of the FTX exchange crash.

Accordingly, Solana Foundation has exposed these assets on the account and has been stuck there since November 6 when FTX stopped processing withdrawals. Before the crash, the token was worth over $160 million.

  • ~3.24 million FTX Trading Ltd common shares
  • ~3.43 million tokens
  • ~134.54 million SRM tokens

FTX / Alameda first purchase from Solana Foundation in August 2020, six months after the launch of the Mainnet Beta. Here is a summary of the number Solana Foundation for FTX / Alameda.

Solana Foundation SOL Number for FTX / Alameda

Here is the deal between Solana Labs and FTX / Alameda:

Solana Labs Trading with FTX / Alameda

Original post:

On the evening of November 10, Solana Foundation spoke to reassure users and update the overall ecosystem.

Solana network is still "unharmed"

After a series of traumatic days, the Solana network is generally still operating normally, in terms of performance and uptime.

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Solana Foundation has contact with FTX / Alameda

The Solana Foundation has about $1 million on as of Nov. 6, when FTX stopped withdrawing. This represents just under 1% of the Solana Foundation's cash and cash equivalents, thus causing a negligible impact on the Solana Foundation. In addition, the fund does not deposit SOL on

Assets wrapped on Solana

The total exposure of assets in circulation on Sollet to FTX is valued at around $40 million as of Nov. But the detailed report has yet to be released, at least for now.

Copper Wrapped on Sollet divided by 10 from the price () on the market.

Wrapped's 24-hour price movement Bitcoin (Solet). Source: CoinGecko

Serum plans to fork the project

After encountering a security hole, Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko said that developers are looking for ways to fork Serum's code and restart the protocol without FTX's presence.

Other projects like Magic Eden, Mango Markets or Phantom are also reducing their reliance on Serum and suspending operations due to security risks.

DeFi Status on Solana

Most projects The largest on Solana have limited or no exposure to FTX, based on a recent review by the Solana Foundation.

Liquidity support/market making status

There are still many market makers that provide liquidity for apps on Solana.

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Massive amount of SOL unlocked after Epoch 370

As was forewarned, a large number of Solana validators stopped staking SOL and requested to withdraw 47 million SOL, equivalent to 845 million USD at 03:30 PM on 11/10 (Vietnam time).

It was the collapse of FTX that caused panic, leading to a wave of selling in the market and SOL was no exception, especially at this time of "flooding". 

The price of SOL has been continuously red at the floor in the past few days, reaching up to 12.07 USD at one point and hovering at 12.51 USD.

4H graph of the pair SOL/ on the floor at 11:45 AM on 11/14/2022

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