Investment funds Famous Hashed Announces Launching a $200 Million Fund For Apps Web 3.0.

This is an investment fund from Korea, widely known for supporting many successful projects such as good The .

On December 2, the project said it would set up a new $200 million investment fund, The Hashed Venture Fund II, to incubate startups. Web 3.0, including the fields metaverse, NFT, game and within the next 2 years. Specifically, the project will actively participate in investment rounds from seed to Series B of projects in exchange for equity or tokens.

Successfully hashed from dYdX, Mythical Games projects

A year ago, Hashed also launched a $120 million fund to invest in the cryptocurrency industry, with names coming out of it like dYdX, Mythical Games, Republic, Chai and NFTBank… The money was allocated to these projects range from 1 to 10 million dollars.

Some projects Hashed has invested in | Source: All-in-station

Cryptocurrency in general and /gaming/ In particular, the past time has continuously witnessed the appearance of large investment funds. In addition to stimulus packages and billions of dollars worth of ecosystem development funds, , many prominent names in the industry also have many "strong spending" moves, such as Enjin (setting up a $100 million fund to develop in the ecosystem), Animoca Brands (developing for K-pop), (100 million dollar fund for ), / (fund of 100 million dollars for game development ), (setting up a $100 million fund to invest in games/metaverse), Chromia/My Neighbor Alice/Mines of Dalarnia (setting up an $80 million fund to develop the metaverse) and TIME Magazine (developing a separate column for the metaverse).

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