After Tornado Cash was banned by the US, someone sent from this platform to the wallet addresses of many celebrities in the industry .

A series of celebrity wallets were sent " dirty” from Tornado Cash

As , the US government last night made the decision to put the mixer platform ETH Tornado Cash and associated wallet addresses are on the sanctions list for alleged involvement in money laundering with industry hackers. . This means that US citizens and entities will be prohibited from using and interacting with Tornado Cash, as well as wallets. ETH under this platform. Violators can face up to 30 years in prison.

Tornado Cash's website as well as the project's open source GitHub page also quickly "faded". Next, the issuing company to be also declared to be frozen in the wallet address of Tornado Cash to ensure compliance with the law, sparking new controversies over the decentralization and anti-censorship of Bitcoin. . Many RPC providers like Infura and also started blocking Tornado Cash since the afternoon of August 9.

However, by the evening of August 9, many Twitter users discovered something strange when someone sent multiple transactions containing 0.1 ETH from Tornado Cash to wallet addresses. of celebrities in the industry . The list of recipients of this “dirty ETH” includes:

  • Anthony Sassano (sassal.eth): KOL support famous;
  • Ben Horowitz (benahorowitz.eth): co-founder of crypto investment fund a16z;
  • Jimmy Fallon: famous American show host, owns ;
  • Cozomo Medici: collection account by rapper Snoop Dogg;
  • Shaquille O'Neal (shaqgivesback.eth): basketball legend;
  • PUMA: famous sports fashion brand registered with ENS address;
  • Randi Zuckerberg (randizuckerberg.eth): sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg;
  • Beeple: the artist holding the NFT record sold for the highest price of $69.3 million;
  • Brian Armstrong: CEO of , the largest crypto exchange in the US;
  • Logan Paul: famous figure among American youth, has participated in NFT investment;
  • Steve Aoki: Famous DJ with NFT investment;
  • Many ENS addresses of celebrities in the Ethereum community;
  • Fund of and Ukraine Crypto Donation Address.

This is most likely just a "prank" before the information that the US blocked Tornado Cash. However, it also points to the absurdity of the ban because with the decentralized nature of Tornado Cash and Ethereum, users can still connect an ETH wallet to this mixer platform, and then send ETH to any address. only do they want; The recipient also cannot refuse to receive.

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However, by law, US citizens and organizations in the aforementioned group must block receiving money from Tornado Cash, freeze the transaction and the amount received.

Since the US announced the ban on Tornado Cash, there have been many amusing calls to send ETH from Tornado to someone you hate, or investment funds that are said to have dumped on the top of the community. However, there is one point to clarify that unlike paper money that has a serial number and can be marked as "dirty money", ETH has no way to distinguish, so there will be no concept of "dirty ETH". but just blacklisted wallet addresses.

It is not clear how the US government will deal with the above celebrity addresses that received ETH from Tornado Cash on the evening of August 9.