Hacker FTX suddenly returned to action after a few days of "silence" when moving a part of stolen assets to the OKX exchange.

FTX hacker suddenly transferred 225 Bitcoin (BTC) to OKX exchange
Hackers suddenly switched 225 () on the OKX exchange

Analyst  ZachXBT On Twitter, it was shared that the hacker just transferred part of the stolen funds to OKX exchange, after using mixer ChipMixer. ZachXBT reported at least 225 , worth about 4.1 million USD sent to OKX so far.

According to ZachXBT, FTX hacker first started sending BTC into ChipMixer on 11/23, after using the RenBridge cross-chain bridge. In his analysis, ZachXBT shared he observed a pattern with addresses receiving funds from ChipMixer, each following a similar pattern; withdraw from ChipMixer, 50% disbursed and then 50% deposited in OKX.

After discovering the deposits were transferred to the OKX exchange, OKX Director Lennix Lai quickly shared on Twitter that OKX is aware of the situation and the exchange team is investigating the wallet sources. related to the case.

This is the latest change in the chain of actions of FTX hackers starting on November 12, when FTX declared bankruptcy, the hacker transferred a large amount of assets off the exchange, the loss value was estimated at that time. estimated at $663 million.

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Then on November 20, the hacker started transferring numbers holding to a new wallet address, allowing this hacker to "accidentally" become a whale 34th largest in the world before mass conversion ETH to BTC, push the price ETH down to 1,100 USD.

The process of hackers trying to withdraw assets from FTX is quite "easy", shaking the whole market has become a hot topic of discussion in the community. , especially in the context of FTX's recent bankruptcy has raised speculations that this could be an internal "play".

After all, the most damaged side is still the user, because so far the number of investors' assets stuck on FTX is an unpredictable unknown because of the trouble between the parties involved in the case.

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