Google Cloud adds support on BigQuery engine is the reason why suddenly erect poles in the night.

Google Cloud brings data to the BigQuery platform

On the evening of November 5, the search giant Google Cloud launched a "hint" to open a partnership with Solana. Although the armor and price are unknown was immediately adjusted.

An hour later, Google Cloud officially confirmed to be a validator (transaction validator) for Solana through BigQuery platform, after 9 years more into service.

In a nutshell, data of Solana will start appearing on Google's cloud platform. Integration with Google BigQuery will be implemented from Q1/2023, making it simpler for developers to analyze Solana's on-chain data, Nalin Mittal, Web3 Google Cloud team leader, said at Breakpoint (Lisbon).

Google BigQuery is an information store that acts as an indexing engine with powerful data analysis capabilities. This process can be performed on multiple blockchains, making it easier to compare and track across networks. In May 2021, Google Cloud used to carry data of (2021) and (2018) to BigQuery.

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However, the newly announced experience is a stepping stone for Google Cloud to integrate the network with the Blockchain Node Engine node management service, starting with recently. This is the first Web3 product, proving that Google Cloud really invests in this space.

Before the above news, the price of Solana (SOL) has increased strongly, approaching the peak level set on September 13 and is trading around the $35.87 mark.

1H graph of SOL/pair on the floor at 00:30 AM on 11/06/2022

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