An attack flash loan (fast loan) aimed at New Free took away 4,481 WBNB ($1.25 million) from the protocol and caused the price of NFD to drop by 99%.

Security company Certik warned of the attack via Twitter on September 8. The attacker manipulated the NFD's "addMember()" function to add themselves as a member, allowing them to use the unsigned contract. Verified to make three flash loans.

“New Free Dao was hit by a flash loan attack, losing 4,481 WBNB (about 1.25 million USD) causing NFD to drop 99%. The attacker has a connection to Neorder – N3DR attack from 4 months ago and took 930 at that time".

Around 500,000 USD is said to have been exchanged to BUSD and laundered through the money mixer punished Tornado Cash.

Attackers to Avalanche

In less than 24 hours, the crypto community was faced with two flash loan attacks, including one by .

On September 7, a flash attack on and stole 370,000 USD from a smart contract with several liquidity providers.

“CertiK Skynet has reported a flash attack on affects contract 0xe767c… & some LPs. The attacker made $370k USDC. Protocols that may be affected include: Nereus Finance, Trader Joe and Finance”.

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