Space and blockchain It's been a rough year, but that hasn't stopped users and businesses from delving deeper into the industry.

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A new survey from CasperLabs and Zogby Analytics has revealed that businesses are particularly active in adopting the technology. . The poll was conducted among 603 business “decision makers” in the US, UK and China.

Nearly 90% surveyed enterprises said that they have deployed the technology to a certain extent, with 87% saying it plans to invest in in the next year. This is especially evident in China with more than half of survey respondents planning to invest in blockchain in 2023.

Ralf Kubli, board member of the Casper Association, said that despite the recent volatility, companies continue to move to blockchain:

“It is encouraging to see businesses understand that blockchain is not a competitor but a solution.”

Businesses already using this technology are benefiting from two key features: security (42%) and anti-copy (42%). Enterprises in the IT sector are using blockchain for internal workflows (40%), supply chain efficiency (34%) and software development (30%).

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Kubli commented that 2023 will be an important year for blockchain technology adoption, “especially in providing real solutions to real-world problems and creating lasting value. "

However, one important finding revealed shortcomings. Although the majority of business leaders feel confident in their knowledge of blockchain technology (73%), 54% respondents still see the terms “blockchain” and “" are interchangeable.

Likewise, one respondent said that the biggest barriers to adoption are limited developer knowledge, lack of tools, interoperability, and industry skepticism. However, nearly all survey respondents said they are more likely to adopt a deeper understanding of blockchain usage.

Education, along with accessibility, has been a longstanding challenge and barrier for those outside the space eager to interact with technology and communicate with customers.

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