Games () continues to be a phenomenon in the market as the platform is looking to increase its presence in the field and will allocate billions of dollars to this effort over the next year.

Gala Games (GALA) "strongly" poured 5 billion USD to expand the NFT ecosystem
Gala Games (GALA) "strongly" poured 5 billion dollars to expand the ecosystem

On February 7, multiple sources reported that Gala Games is planning to allocate $5 billion to expand its NFT services. Not long after that, the president Gala Games' Mr. Jason Brink confirmed the news with the revelation that the platform will start pouring capital into NFT in the areas of music ($1 billion), movies ($1 billion), amusement parks. GALA entertainment ($1 billion) and games ($2 billion).

When asked more deeply about the development, Brink declined to comment further on the details and future plans of GALA. He briefly shared the following:

“We certainly look forward to helping the community even more in the future. The project needs some savings to achieve this goal.”

Besides, Jason Brink is also opening an interesting prediction from the community about the partnership with the famous male rapper Snoop Dogg, who is no stranger to the market. with unique NFT works combined and released with many different platforms, most notably The (). Snoop Dogg is also a notorious "NFT whale", owning a series of popular NFT collections worth tens of millions of dollars.

Back to the main topic, it can be said that the above move is an extremely breakthrough transformation from Gala Games. The reason why, GALA has just been launched and is widely known in September 2021 after showing impressive growth up to 270%, constantly "searching" for ATH when it was just listed on the exchange. .

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Due to the expansion of the GALA ecosystem and the addition of ways to earn profits through games or various other methods such as running a project node, the data has recorded a steady increase in the number of platform users. time, especially from December 2021.

Total number of GALA users recorded over time. Source: Dune Analytics
Total number of GALA users recorded over time. Source: Dune Analytics

What's more surprising is that just about a month ago, GALA just set up a $100 million fund to invest in games, add your name to the long list of game development funds and metaverse published in the past few months, including  ($100 million), Chromia/My Neighbor Alice/Mines of Dalarnia ($80 million), Hashed ($200 million), Animoca Brands/ Smart Chain ($200 million), Ventures (2 funds totaling $250 million),  Ventures ($2 billion), The  ($50 million) and GameStop ($100 million).

GameFi & Metaverse Project Investments Overview in 2021. Source: GameFi Overview Report 2021 – GameMarketCap x Ancient8
Project Investment Overview & in 2021. Source: Overview Report 2021 – GameMarketCap x Ancient8

More generally, GALA's upcoming $5 billion ecosystem stimulus package could beat the "efforts" of the market leaders through 2021.

Currently only the funds of  () is the largest with 10.7 billion , or $2.675 billion at press time. The rest is  ($180 million),  (100 million dollars),  (370 million won) ),  (300 million dollars), Algorand (150 million yen) ),  Oasis Network ($160 million), ($185 million),  (100 million dollars),  (1 million dollar),  ($774 million) and  ($1.29 billion).

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However, thanks to all the above motivations, GALA has become one of the few projects that can maintain a stable uptrend before the adjustment of the Government. . Since the beginning of February 2022 when it hit a bottom of $0.17, GALA quickly recovered to 117% to hit this week's high at $0.39. Currently, GALA is trading around $0.37.

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