Investment funds famous announced the launch of an arbitrage product in cooperation with the exchange .

FTX cooperates with Paradigm fund to launch a futures arbitrage product
fund cooperation Launch of futures arbitrage product

Paradigm said that under the FTX partnership, users will be able to use one-click trading with no risk for the spread between spot, perpetual and fixed futures futures contracts. for the above trading pairs (), ( ), Solana (), Avalanche (), (APE), (), Chainlink () and Litecoin ().

According to Paradigm CEO Anand Gomes, the deal is intended to attract investors interested in leveraging the connection between spot and futures trading on FTX for cash. Gomes adds that the new product rollout could lead to more potential services between the two in the future.

In addition, Paradigm revealed that when users use this arbitrage product, there is less structural risk than doing it on a traditional exchange, which allows the creators to much tighter pricing markets and at significantly larger asset sizes. At the same time, the fee will be 50% less than when making two completely separate transactions.

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FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried commented:

“Paradigm is the leading network providing institutional liquidity for derivatives products and we are excited to expand our relationship to co-develop our user products. This structured arbitrage product is the first to allow investors use cash and make transactions through FTX and Paradigm.”

However, it can be affirmed that establishing a successful cooperation relationship with Paradigm once again shows FTX's strong position in the current difficult period. Because Paradigm is one of the largest crypto funds in the industry, having launched a $2.5 billion investment fund in November 2021.

Furthermore Paradigm has more than 1,000 institutional clients including hedge funds, OTCs, lenders, structured product issuers, market makers and family offices with a massive trading volume of approx. 10 billion USD per month.

In related developments, besides the unique product that has just been launched, FTX has also "opened the door" to trade stocks and funds. for all US users in order to further diversify the portfolio of services the exchange provides to users.