Foundation (FantomFDN) – a foundation give , dApps and enterprise applications – designed a called USDB. The product landscape includes Bridge, Traditional Finance, Staking, xFHM, Mint USDB and USDBank.

Something about USDB

The team behind USDB has announced Twitter highlights and one of the details includes the merger between FHM Protocol and USDB, now known as Balance. It generates business revenue for both FHM and USDB, and the team announced that the foundry is up and running.

The feature is expected to receive support from multiple partners, while farming could be made available through LiquidDriver.

In addition, the team introduced TradFi bonds with rewards ranging from 21% to 32.5%. At some point in the future, the entire community will be invited to participate in pools that will combine the proceeds of all users to maintain the USDB rate.

Lending and borrowing are other features the team will introduce in the coming months by integrating new services into its existing system.

Recent volatility of FTM

It can be said that the original token of the Fantom has experienced some significant turbulence in the past year. Twelve months ago, its value was around $0.43, while now, it trades at $1.42. However, this price is still far from the ATH of nearly 3.5 USD recorded in January 2022.

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Source: TradingView

At the beginning of March, Andre Cronje (famously worked in and ) said he will no longer work in the crypto space. Anton Nell – Senior Solution Architect at Foundation – also intends to do the same.

Fantom's price dropped following this news. However, the Fandom Foundation said the withdrawal will not affect the operation of the project. Soon after, Cronje confirmed his departure but stated that Fantom was on the right “technological path:”

“Even though I made the decision to leave crypto and , but I believe the Fantom team is on the right technological path, and I have no doubt that they will continue to be successful.”

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