The partnership will allow Wirex community members () swap their tokens through an API do Network provided.

Wirex Wallet (WXT) cooperates with 1inch Network to allow token swap right on the app
Wirex Wallet () Cooperation with Network to allow token swaps right on the app

Decentralized wallet platform Wirex has partnered with 1inch Network to use the platform's aggregator API to provide a liquidity aggregator for token swaps. Through this partnership, Wirex wallet users can now swap tokens in the wallet.

By using an algorithm to find swap routes, 1inch will allow Wirex users to find the optimal deal rate for their trades. 1inch co-founder Sergej KunzKunz notes the partnership is also a move that allows 1inch to pursue a journey of mass adoption for its solutions.

Besides, Pavel Matveev, co-founder of Wirex also said that the 1-inch integration is a way for Wirex to open the gate for users to access the world. wide. Matveev believes that with the functionality available in the wallet, users will be able to save time and costs when swapping their assets.

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The latest development of 1inch comes right after 1INCH has been added as collateral for the platform top on Currently .

However, this week can be considered an "exciting" week with space when projects in this field constantly have new development updates in addition to many other notable incidents. On August 2nd, Nomad . cross-chain bridge experienced a severe attack, with a loss of more than 176 million USD, many other prominent platforms such as , Connext and Evmos were all affected by this incident.

Not stopping there, just 5 days after the project farming Nirvana Finance (ANA) on bag , then on the morning of August 3, the main encountered a large-scale security incident, making the community extremely confused. Development team It is still in the process of finding out the cause and has not taken any specific action.

Meanwhile, Waves - the platform that caused many "storms" for the market by USDN was de-peg to 0.78 USD before “catastrophe” / happens, is related to the drama with the fund , revived Vires.Finance and compensated users with $500 million.