Although the bear market is covering the space , still had a few big sales in the past week. The process of implementing new features of and took place successfully. Meanwhile, a collection encountered a problem after started being delisted from OpenSea.

This article will summarize all the activity in the NFT market during the past week.

Metamask Adds New Category Management Dapp

announced a new portfolio manager in recent days, which is expected to allow users to view their entire NFT collection in one (decentralized application) category. has a clear interface and addresses the long-term user's desire to view the entire catalog easily. In other words, you can now see your NFTs across multiple chains in one place. This feature has long been expected for the dominant NFT wallet. The portfolio dapp will support NFT and crypto tokens.

OpenSea delists NFT

In June, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) was suddenly... delisting some NFTs shortly. That mistake of reappeared last week. This time a collection is less prominent but still very recognizable in Azuki.

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Many owners received emails that their NFT Azuki would no longer be supported on the platform and many Azuki were unexpectedly removed from OpenSea. However, both the NFT foundation and the Azuki team were quick to address the concerns and the collection was back to normal within hours.

However, the case shows that the space still needs a lot of improvement and that centralized entities that even exist in a decentralized environment will always have some pitfalls.

OpenSea adds Warner Music Group as its newest partner

Follow Press Release, leading NFT marketplace OpenSea signed a new powerhouse partnership last week with music label Warner Music Group (WMG). WMG artists will have a featured corner on OpenSea's platform. At the same time, WMG will use the partnership to provide artists with new ways to connect with fans and help emerging artists discover means of connecting with their audiences.

Huge NFT Sales

Surely we could call the crypto market in general this year a “bear market” and the NFT is no exception. Although volume was relatively flat throughout the year, many projects fell sharply from the highs from Q4 last year. NFT collections that are not blue chip projects have been particularly severely affected. Indeed, the most speculative and “big gamble” projects suffer the most profound volume and price impacts.

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In contrast, blue chip projects grew surprisingly well. A few examples happened this week like the $4.5 million CryptoPunk sale and the massive $17 million payout for the latest Tyler Hobbs collection. Hobbs, who previously created Fidenzas, has released a new QQL art experimental collection.

Facebook and Instagram add wallet connection feature

is the group that runs Facebook and Instagram, which has repeatedly expressed its desire to get into the crypto space. Last week gained a lot of attention as the company went the extra mile to integrate NFT into their social media platform.

Last week, the company started rolling out support for users in the US to be able to connect the digital wallet to both Facebook and Instagram and start sharing NFTs with their connections on the platform.

Mastercard's New NFT Card

Last week, Mastercard partnered with crypto-finance firm Hi to launch the world's first NFT debit card. Both will use a subscription service to allow cardholders to designate a custom NFT in their wallet as an avatar attached to the card.

By far, most of the discussion around tokens and cryptocurrencies has been rooted in and optimize user spending with cryptocurrencies. We'll have to wait and see how NFTs can enter this space soon.