Management company Grayscale updated its smart contract platform token holdings following the recent sharp drop in the market.

In one new report, Grayscale said its GSCPxE Fund has allocated capital to (), (), (DOT) and some other competitors of ().

“At the end of July 6, 2022, the GSCPxE Fund announced a basket of assets with the following weights:

(), 31,69%

(), 25,43%

(DOT), 13,90%

(), 10,87%

(), 8,45%

(), 5,29%

Algorand (), 4.37%”.

Grayscale notes that as a result of the rebalancing, (XLM) has been removed from the fund.

Company, currently has funds largest in the world, also reported that it restructured its holdings mine. Grayscale says token which they currently hold the largest is (), a decentralized exchange based on .

“At the end of July 6, 2022, they listed a DeFi basket with the following weights.

(UNI), 56.35%

MakerDAO (MKR), 13,49%

(), 12.44%

Tokens (), 7.48%

Amp (AMP), 5.52%

Compound (COMP), 4,72%”.

Giants also made changes to its Digital Large Cap Fund by cutting off five tokens.

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“Grayscale has adjusted the portfolio of the Digital Large Cap Fund by selling a certain amount of the existing fund composition according to their respective weights. Due to the rebalancing, Cash, , Litecoin, Polkadot and Uniswap have been removed from the Digital Large Cap Fund. No new tokens have been added to the Digital Large Cap Fund.

As at the end of July 7, 2022, the fund components of the Digital Large Cap Fund were a basket of the following assets and weights:

Bitcoin (), 68.88%

Ethereum (), 25.22%

Cardano (ADA), 2.71%

Solana (SOL), 2,23%

(), 0.96%”.

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