Dapper Labs () is the foundation of Canada has been partnered with technology giant Google to develop new Web 3 products and services, including NFT are receiving a lot of attention at the moment.

Dapper Labs (FLOW) will accelerate after partnering with Google

Under this agreement, Google Cloud will act as a network operator for by Dapper Labs, the expansive infrastructure that powers the entire ecosystem , games and apps. Janet Kennedy, vice president of Google Cloud North America, said the multi-year partnership will help Dapper expand its operations through the "secure, scalable infrastructure" provided by Google.

Google has also made it easier for Flow developers to integrate with its software, one of the motivations for choosing Google Cloud over competitors like Amazon Web Services.

Dapper Labs CEO, Roham Gharegozlou, has confirm partnership yesterday on Twitter with Google's welcome to blockchain Flow.

Flow now supports several collections most popular on the market, including NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties. By February of this year, NBA Top Shot had grossed $230 million, nearly tripling to $680 million.

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Dapper Labs (FLOW) cooperates with Google

The source: Forbes

Realizing NFT's long-term potential, NBA legends Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant joined other investors in backing Dapper's $305 million funding round earlier this year, boosting the company's valuation to 2.6 billion USD.

According to industry data, in less than a year, the NFT has grown from a small and obscure corner of the crypto industry into a multi-billion dollar market. August was a record month for the NFT market, with 30-day sales surpassing $2 billion.

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