In order to help users more convenient and faster in the transaction process at , we will launch automatic order matching for transactions through balance management .

What is VND balance management function?

on the floor is a place to manage and store Vietnamese money, help users buy all kinds of money as //… without having to wait for the seller to confirm.

  • For Taker Buy (people who want to buy) //… are from Maker Sell): After choosing to buy from the list of offers, Taker Buy just switch to an intermediary bank account designated by T-REX. In just about 5 minutes waiting for the confirmation of successful transfer, the system will automatically match the order and transfer Bitcoin/Ethereum/… buyer's wallet, at the same time credit an amount corresponding to wallet Maker Sell (The creator offers to sell the coin).
Select payment method
Choose fast payment via
Select Buy/Sell offers using payment method via VND wallet
  • For Taker Sell (people in need) sell Bitcoin/Ethereum/… are from Maker Buy): After choosing to sell from the list of offers to buy, if Maker Buy (creator offers to buy coins) choose to pay via VND wallet, the system will automatically match the order and credit an amount of VND to the wallet. Taker Sell, at the same time transfer the corresponding amount of Bitcoin/Ethereum to the wallet Maker Buy.
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  1. Taker Buy You can pre-load money into your VND wallet before making a transaction.
Choose to pre-load money into VND wallet

If during the transaction, Taker Buy If you don't have enough balance in your VND wallet, you can directly transfer money to the designated bank account to complete the transaction.

Top up VND wallet when there is not enough balance during the transaction

2. Maker Sell after the availability of VND balance from automated transactions with Taker Buy, you can freely withdraw to your bank account or continue to buy Bitcoin/Ethereum at T-REX exchange.

Enter VND balance, select “Withdraw”
Fill in your bank account information and the amount of VND to withdraw, click “OK” to complete

3. If Maker Buy Not enough VND balance in wallet when Taker Sell To make a transaction, you have to wait for the online seller to confirm.

Automatic order matching and VND balance management feature will officially be available at T-REX on Tuesday (May 31, 2022). Official notification will be sent to users via email.

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