User states that it has not been possible to withdraw funds from the platform for more than a week now, the platform explains because the system of its custodian partners is in a maintenance phase.

Complaint not able to withdraw money

CoinList is a popular open token sale platform for early stage projects like Casper, nice . On November 16, CoinList announced to suspend the withdrawal of coins , , and CFG for custody maintenance.

However, until today, November 25, 10 days since the maintenance announcement, CoinList has not announced the reopening of withdrawals, making users extremely worried.

Receiving such complaints, CoinList had to announce to "extend" the withdrawal period for FLOW, MINA and CFG. The reason given by the platform is that the custodial partner maintains longer than expected but also emphasizes that the assets are completely safe.

But of course, the community can't trust 100%, speculating that CoinList is in danger of illiquidity because of the impact of the collapse of Bitcoin. FTX. Before that when In default, CoinList recorded a loss of $35 million.

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In 2018, Digital Currency Group (DCG) participated in the Series A investment of CoinList, it is not clear if Genesis - a subsidiary of DCG is currently facing bankruptcy - has any connection with CoinList or not. Some other custodial partners include Anchorage, Bitgo, Gemini Custody, and Silvergate Bank. 

For its part, CoinList explains that the system is "having a technical problem affecting deposit and withdrawal activities", not having a lack of liquidity or going bankrupt like the FUDs spread.

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