Projects under the management of the DNP3 founder including The Goobers and CluCoin were significantly affected following the announcement.

Project Founder "falling" into gambling

Twitch platform streamer DNP3, father of several projects like The Goobers , Gridcraft Network and the charity CluCoin, confessed to having spent all of their users' money "falling in" into gambling. 

In notification, DNP3 confessed to being "extremely addicted to gambling":

“Every penny I earn, I put it in the casino Stake raised the ambition to win big. Even after eating large, I still feel inadequate. In the end, I was empty-handed. In addition to my life savings, I also freely use investor money.”

“I am completely devastated both financially and mentally,” DNP3 added, adding that it was calling for another team to fix the problem.

It is still unclear how much money this person has spent, but The Block Damage estimates can run into the millions of dollars.

The price of CluCoin has plummeted by 63% following the announcement, while the market capitalization of The Goobers project has dropped by 9%. According to the , The Goobers has a trading volume of 968 , equivalent to about 1.1 million USD.

On Twitter, DNP3 is also a big influence, with more than 630,000 followers. His Twitch channel also has a large fan base of over 251,000 followers. Concluding the announcement, the streamer apologized:

“I apologize for betraying your trust.

I apologize for not living up to my righteous values.

I'm sorry to let you all down.

I'm sorry."

The above news seems to be rare, but it also somewhat recalls many "bad crying and laughing" incidents in the past. Typically, the launchpad NFT Onepad once had to close the platform, because of the above reasons.

Or another "self-harm" at the end of August, the game metaverse role-playing Ragnarok used 20 million USD to raise funds for trading and then lost a lot.