Almost 2 weeks since blocking user withdrawals, the platform has yet to find a way out of its crisis.

hired more bankruptcy advisors, rumored to be preparing to sell and liquidate assets. Image:

Follow Wall Street Journal, lending platform () Celsius has hired Alvarez & Marsal, a consulting firm, to help with its current situation. The source of the newspaper added that the purpose of the action was to serve "the process of restructuring the company".

Before that, newspaper Wall Street Journal also cited a source confirming that Celsius had hired a US bankruptcy law firm to advise on the next move.

In addition, there is also information that the US banking group Goldman Sachs is also interested in buying Celsius's assets and is calling for $ 2 billion from investors who want to participate.

The current crisis of Celsius is due to the company losing liquidity because of holding too many stETH tokens, the locked version of on the staking platform . When the price dropped and stETH sold off during the mid-June period, users rushed to withdraw from Celsius making the situation increasingly dire.

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