Former President US Brett Harrison, who resigned before collapsed, is currently raising capital for a startup on a digital asset trading solution.

Former FTX US exec Brett Harrison wants to raise $6 million for new company

Brett Harrison has held the position of President of FTX US since March 2021. In addition, he is also in charge of operating FTX Stocks and FTX US Derivatives. However, this character suddenly announced his resignation in September 2022 and retired as an advisor to the company. 

As originally intended after his resignation, Harrison aspires to technology solutions that drive global financial markets, between centralized and decentralized. His startup is on the verge of "realizing" this mission.

The former FTX US senior manager has not yet revealed details about his new project, but said it targets the professional investor segment and promises to bring an easy and secure digital asset trading experience. more complete. The project is looking to mobilize 6 million USD business valuation together 60 million USD.

Previously, Harrison shared on his Twitter about a specific order type used when the market is volatile, not currently used in the market. . It is unclear if this is the "trump card" that he will bring into the application as a solution.

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After a month of leaving FTX, Harrison summed up and gave his views on industry issues are facing. Also said he is now very proud to be a part of the process of building, improving and disseminating DeFi out worldwide.

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