"“really the way to accumulate . At least, that is the conclusion of an artificial intelligence (AI) trading bot coded by a Portuguese software developer.

Bitcoiner Tiago Vasconcelos is the man behind this transaction experiment. Vasconcelos built an AI trading bot that can help him accumulate more and test your coding skills. Almost unbelievably, instead of trading, the bot quickly concluded that the best way to is to buy and .

Vasconcelos is the main founder of Aceita Bitcoin, an organization in Portugal that promotes the adoption, education and sharing of information about Bitcoin. As an avid Bitcoiner, he is also involved in Bitcoin related side projects. I said:

“It was a reinforcement learning AI experiment. There, I received quite a bit of historical data of ".

This code sources and presents daily price action from 2014 to 2021.

Vasconcelos then “trained it or told the bot the rules, this is a candle, you can buy, sell or do nothing”.

For each profitable trade, the bot will be rewarded with one point. In contrast, the bot loses one point as a “penalty” for losing trades. Finally, the reward is granted to the bot based on the total number of Bitcoins the bot completes:

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“The goal is for the bot to get the highest possible score, and the exercise is for the bot to make thousands/millions of attempts on that data set, creating a “mental” path as to the best time to do it. buy, best to sell, etc.”


Screenshot of “find the few best performing deals!”

The beauty of AI is that the bot starts observing “patterns” and what Vasconcelos describes as “moves” the bot makes to maximize its trading score.

“In the end, the bot concluded that the best move was to buy as soon as possible and never sell!”.

You had yes, now not only famous KOLs but even banks in the Bitcoin space are calling for “Hodl”. Even robots are hodlers.

Hodl is a popular meme in the space Bitcoin, derived from a post on the Bitcointalk forum in 2013 by a drunk collaborator who misspelled it. The reason why the original commentator, GameKyuubi decided to hodl was “because I am a bad trader and I know it”.

As it turns out, maybe he's just as smart as the artificial intelligence.

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