Market is gradually becoming more exciting with the appearance of many as new as Solana, Avalanche, NEAR,… However Chain (formerly known as ) Binance Smart Chain) is still considered a popular blockchain and is approached by the majority of new users thanks to its high transaction speed, low fees and quite developer-friendly thanks to EVM compatibility.

In order to help users transact more conveniently when there is a need to interact with Chain, especially for applications Defi and , supported two more key tokens of Smart Chain is BNB and BUSD. Users can now buy and sell BNB and BUSD and withdraw directly to their personal wallets to participate in the platforms and popular on the BNB Chain platform.

List of deals for BNB on the floor | Source:

BNB is the foundation coin and is necessary to participate in transactions and interact with the BNB Chain. BUSD is popularity of BNB Chain and is with the world's 3rd largest market capitalization with more than 18 billion dollars backed by the giants .
With a variety of transaction prices offered/offered by makers on T-REX, users will have the opportunity to choose the best deals for them to help join the ecosystem. and Gamefi on BNB Chain is more secure and convenient.

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List of trading offers for BUSD on T-REX | Source: T-REX

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