BlackRock Fund CEO Larry Fink confirms his company was involved in the exchange's collapse FTX.

BlackRock claims $24 million in damages from

Interview at the DealBook conference being New York Times Held on November 30 (US time), CEO Larry Fink of BlackRock revealed his company's relationship with the exchange. just went bankrupt. BlackRock is a leading US investment management company, with assets under management of up to 10 trillion USD.

Specifically, BlackRock in October 2021 made a $24 million investment in FTX. The exchange then raised $ 420 million at a valuation of $ 25 billion.

Source: coin68

Not only BlackRock, but many other traditional investment funds have participated in FTX's continuous funding rounds in late 2021 and early 2022, most notably names like Singapore's state-owned Temasek ($275 million). , ($290 million) and Sequoia Capital ($213.5 million). With the collapse of the exchange, the funds announced to accept the loss of these investments.

According to the latest updates, FTX owes the 50 largest creditors an amount of up to $3.1 billion, but has suffered a heavy loss before 2022.

Mr. Fink also commented that there may have been a "mistake in management" at FTX, which was also reported by interim CEO John J. III claimed in court, but was repeatedly denied by former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.

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Sam Bankman-Fried has confirmed to attend the DealBook conference via online video call. This is the first time the former CEO of FTX has appeared in public after the exchange went bankrupt.

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