According to Arkham Intelligence data, a Bitfinex-related wallet sent assets worth more than 8 million USD to my wallet went bankrupt in the last 24 hours.

Exchange wallet made four transactions — including 6 million and 1545 (approximately $2.52 million) — to the bankruptcy company's wallet. Bitfinex originally sent and worth less than $100 for Alameda.

Source: Arkham Intelligence

Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency exchange owned by the issuer's parent company , iFinex Inc.

A Bitfinex spokesperson said that:

“Alameda already has an account on Bitfinex and Bitfinex is working with the liquidators to return the leftovers.”

Spokesperson for corroborated Bitfinex's claims.

CTO of Tether, Paolo Ardoino, has previously denied any contact with or Alameda. Publisher have repeatedly asserted that their business is unaffected by the contagion that has led several crypto companies to capitulate.

Meanwhile, the reason behind the move is currently unknown, as it appears that the wallet is consolidating assets from different on-chain sources.

This wallet also received 4.6 million USD from an unknown wallet and received at least 100,000 (LDO) from other Alameda-related wallets in the past three days.

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A look at the assets in the wallet shows that its largest cryptocurrency holding is 100 million () worth 55.14 million USD. Its other holdings include 15,848 worth 26.5 million USD, 36.4 million VND , 47.1 million won USDT and the like Render (RNDR), , Serum (SRM), etc.

In total, it holds $222 million worth of crypto assets.

Court records show liquidators recovered more than $5 billion in assets belonging to and related entities. The wallet's transaction history further shows that liquidators have recorded more success in recovering the assets of bankrupt companies.

Despite these successes, Alameda liquidators lost over $11 million in liquidations DeFI after taking over one of the bankrupt company's wallets.

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