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Exploit is a profitable venture with limited liquidity. Most miners have to choose between keeping equipment for years or relying on brokers for occasional sales. This lack of liquidity means that miners There are several ways to hedge or profit from the price fluctuations of miners. Similar problems also discourage newcomers from taking mining seriously Bitcoin. Finally, although traders are often interested in mining Bitcoin as these returns can be seen as long term Bitcoin options, but high transaction costs discourage these traders.

Cloud mining is an imperfect solution. While cloud mining lowers the barrier to entry to mining, the lack of standardization and product mix makes it difficult for a market to form around mining contracts.

For that reason, Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (), a token backed by standardized Bitcoin mining power was born. By standardizing and coding mining power to and token listing for exchange trading, the project brings liquidity, exchange to the mining energy market while satisfying the mining needs of traders.

What is Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST)?

Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token
Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token

Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST) is a token collateralized with 0.1 TH/s of actual standardized Bitcoin mining power with 60 W/TH performance.

Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST) brings liquidity to Bitcoin mining. Each BTCST is collateralized with 0.1 TH/s of real Bitcoin mining power. By staking BTCST, the holder will receive a daily Bitcoin distribution corresponding to the mining performance staked.

BTCST creates an efficient market among Bitcoin miners. By trading BTCST, market participants can freely enter and leave Bitcoin mining of any size, any time, at low cost. Non-performing miners tokenized with BTCST can also use this token to hedge against fluctuations in the cost of mining machines.

Project team and mining team cooperate, Pool, will form a board of directors to collectively decide on important project issues, including issuing new tokens, adjusting costs, distributing surplus profits, and future development. future. The Governing Board will have three seats at launch, two of which are taken over by the project team and one by the collaborative mining pool.

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Source: Binance
The source: Binance

BTCST is different from almost all profits in a few basic ways. First, most projects DeFi rely on certain public/private sales to raise funds, as they don't have a product yet and need capital for future growth. However, BTCST is the biggest mining company in the world, the product is finished and profitable every day. Therefore, the project does not need to raise funds. As a result, the project's tokens do not allocate to the team, advisors, nor the ecosystem.

Unlike some cloud mining tokens, the project distributes at least 60% rewards daily. That means most people who participate in staking will earn more money than directly mining by mining machines.

Coding Process Management

  • The coding process is regulated by the project management. The Governing Board will have three (3) seats at launch, two of which are taken over by the project team and one by an appointed auditor ( Pool is the designated mining auditor for BTCST on ).
  • All documents (5 PH/s or more) accepting and rejecting Bitcoin hashrate encryption must be unanimously approved by the board. Other tokens must be approved by a majority of the board.

Encryption Steps

  • Step 1 – Encryption Application: A miner planning to sign up for Bitcoin mining performance tokenization should send an email to tokenization@1-b.tc to schedule an initial screening call. During the call, a representative of the project will define on-site encryption, where the miner's miner is still running at the current site, or inbound encryption, where the actual miner should send the miner mine to a BTCST mining-eligible facility, is appropriate.
  • Step 2 – Evaluate and decide: For on-premises cryptography, the existing storage facility must or become eligible to mine BTCST. For inbound encryption, the machines themselves must meet the project's encryption standards.
  • Step 3 – Transfer of Assets: Once certain machines are approved for encryption, a formal contract is signed between the project and the contributing miners as proof of the transfer of ownership of the machines.
  • Step 4 – Release token: Upon completion of machine ownership transfer, BTCST will issue tokens to contributing miners corresponding to the number of standard units of Bitcoin hashrate that the machine can generate.
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Key Indicators

  • Token Type: -20
  • Total Initial Supply: 1,000,000 BTCST

The total BTCST supply after launch will be determined by the AUM of BTCST mining performance. All BTCST beyond the initial circulating supply of 1,000,000 is subject to a 25-week weekly linear transfer schedule. Future BTCSTs released to the project team are subject to the same test schedule.

Development team

The project is based in Hong Kong, the Standard Hashrate Group company is a joint venture between Mishuibeian Tech, Ltd. (Ke Wo Ying) and Power360. The founding members of the project are some of the largest single mining companies in the world with thousands of reserved.

The project team consists of mining veterans with four years of experience building and managing mining sites in China's Yunnan, Sichuan, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia provinces. The assets managed by the team include the assets of some of the largest cloud mining service providers in the world.







Development roadmap

The purpose of the Standard Hashrate team is to be an open association where they can come together to provide services to all eligible miners to tokenize their hashrate. The goal of the project is to become the trust for Bitcoin mining hashrate. Over the next few years, BTCST hopes to partner with all major miners and mining facilities worldwide, so that the project can bring meaningful liquidity to the mining hashrate, which is the foundation on which Bitcoin is built.



Current partner

BTCST founding partners include mining organizations with over 2000 PH/s of managed mining power. These founding partners and the collaborative mining pool will form a governing board that collectively decides on key project issues, including new issuances, cost adjustments, and profit distribution. residual profits and future features. The Governing Board will have three seats at launch, two of which are taken over by the project team and one by the collaborative mining pool.


BTCST is the token of Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token. Like other tokens, it is a synthetic asset that derives its value from a portion of Bitcoin's mining power. Each token represents 0.1 TH/s of Bitcoin mining power at 60 W/TH efficiency.

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The goal behind the token is to bring liquidity to Bitcoin mining and give any user exposure to the mining rewards. Users can deposit BTCST in the platform to receive daily BTC. Users can also earn BTCST tokens by locking , BUSD and BTC into different pools.

The initial total supply of BTCST is 1.000.000 and distributed as follows:

BTCST Allocation
BTCST Allocation
  • Binance Launchpool: 4,00% Initial Circulating Supply
  • Initial Tokenizing Miner: 96,00% initial circulating supply.


Current information and community channels of Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token

Current community development strategies include :

  • Expand your user base internationally through a combination of community management, PR, events, AMAs, etc.
  • Provides educational videos and posts about the mining industry ;
  • Contact the house to highlight the concept of a leveraged Bitcoin token and why the token is valuable in the market;
  • Work with mining pools and miners to attract more users and gain hashrate power;
  • Distinguish BTCST from projects different in the sense that the user places the project's token and gets BTC back.

Future community development strategies include :

  • Expand the community to more diverse markets, including Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia;
  • Expanding the list of mining pool partners;
  • Enhance social media presence across all existing channels; build more communities suitable for Bitcoin, DeFi and cloud mining;
  • Gain greater press coverage and support from local influencers.


BTCST has been and will focus community efforts on the mining industry , traders, investors and Bitcoin enthusiasts worldwide. This is quite a different project in today's market.

This article has summarized the most basic information you need to know about Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST). With this post. I hope readers can grasp some of its investment potential.

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