and is leading the asset auction of Voyager Digital, the lending platform is in the process of bankruptcy.

and is leading the Voyager . auction

Voyager creditor committee Twitter account suspended

As of the afternoon of September 20, Twitter seems to have suspended @VoyagerUCC – account associated with the commission representing the interests of creditors and customers in the bankruptcy proceedings of Voyager. The commission plays an important role in the bankruptcy process, helping to determine who gets paid out of the bankrupt company's remaining assets. Committee representatives regularly use this account to communicate with clients and stakeholders after the incident.

The committee representative said:

“Even though the account has been disabled, we are still working hard, trying to speed up the process.”

FTX and Binance are leading the asset auction

Follow Wall Street Journal, FTX and Binance are leading the Voyager auction. In which, Binance offered a "slightly" higher bid than FTX with 50 million USD.

The property auction was started last week at the law office of Kirkland & Ellis. According to today's report, Binance has offered to buy back the platform at a price of $50 million, slightly higher than FTX.

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As of press time, the lawyers have not yet officially updated the bidding process, only revealing that the process is still ongoing. Bidders can submit a variety of proposals, ranging from property purchases to Voyager resuscitation and restructuring efforts.

Voyager was one of the platforms that fell in the midst of the liquidity crisis in June. Voyager Digital had to borrow $485 million in crypto from  to remedy the situation. That was not enough to revive the company, Voyager still sadly declared bankruptcy due to withdrawal pressure and related consequences from Three Arrows Capital.

There is much more information Voyager "reverse debt" $ 377 million. As of July, the organization is in contact with is the FTX exchange (both founders are billionaires Sam Bankman-Fried) has offered to rescue Voyager soon, but was rejected and faced a harsh reaction from the organization's lawyers. However, Alamenda Research recently filed a court announcement that it will repay all of its $200 million debt to Voyager this month. The request will need to be approved by the bankruptcy court before it can be enforced, which is expected to be before September 30.

Acquisitions of companies with operations in the United States by foreign entities are Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) containment due to concerns about national security risks. During the auction, Binance was asked to add funds to the bid as insurance in the event of a delayed intervention by CFIUS.

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Voyager's new owner is expected to be announced at a September 29 hearing.

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