Labs has officially become a strategic investor of the famous Web3 infrastructure provider Ankr following a series of notable development efforts coming from the platform in recent times.

Binance Labs Invests In Ankr To Enhance Platform Scalability
Labs invests in to enhance the scalability of the platform

According to an official announcement on August 11, received a strategic investment from Binance Labs. The specifics of the total investment amount have yet to be disclosed. However, the money invested will be used to enhance development for the exclusive RPC of , a flexible staking-enabled development kit ( Staking SDK), Web3 SDK, as well as application-as-a-service chains.

Ankr has previously made an open source contribution to Chain and Staking, and helped build the platform's core infrastructure. In addition, Ankr has further improved the BNB ecosystem by implementing Erigon and Archive Node upgrades, as well as a solution BNB Application (BAS) greatly improves scalability.

In terms of efficiency, the Erigon upgrade reduced BNB Chain's 75% storage requirements, increased RPC performance by 10x, and made syncing 100x faster than before.

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Besides, Ankr also supports BNB Chain by bringing the ability to combine into BNB Liquid Staking. BNB holders can participate in staking, farming, and contribute to the vault at the same time. They can also mint new tokens in Liquid Staking, which can be used to earn reward classes in both BNB Chain and exchanges. above .

Speaking about this event, Ankr Operations Director Mr. Ryan Fang said:

“We are delighted that Binance Labs has become a strategic investor. So far, BNB Chain is has the highest number of daily transactions and active users. We are committed to helping BNB Chain scale further.”

However, this can be seen as an inevitable result for Ankr after a series of efforts to develop the platform in recent times, despite the still difficult market conditions.

The proof is that Ankr has just released the Ankr 2.0 upgrade with many added features aimed at enhancing the ability to decentralize Web3, as well as expanding RPC's presence in the market through the relationship partnership with (OP).

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