High-end fashion brand Balenciaga officially accepts payment in and . Besides, they also confirmed that they are designing a business strategy metaverse long-winded.

French haute couture brand Balenciaga accepts payments in &

Follow The Wall Street Journal, starting next month, French fashion brand Balenciaga will bring Bitcoin and Ethereum Click on the payment option at some pilot sales locations and also online shopping.

Initially, Balenciaga will only allow payments in Bitcoin or Ethereum, two types largest by market capitalization. In the future, they will integrate more coins.

Luxury fashion is no stranger to Web3. Last year saw many brands including Balenciaga, Gucci, Nike, Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry release collections. and lay the first bricks for the conquest journey .

Gucci fashion house begins piloting payment with online at 5 sales locations by the end of May. Gucci will open payments in Bitcoin (), Bitcoin Cash (), Ethereum (), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), Litecoin (), (), Shuba Inu () and 5 is different.

In December, Balenciaga announced the creation of a business unit internal. However, Cédric Charbit, the company's CEO, refused to reveal anything about the unit's long-term plans or strategy, he said. as a country”, a market as important as any country in which the brand currently operates.

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This move shows that they are considering cryptocurrencies as an important part of their long-term plans, they are not even shaken even when the market is volatile after the historic crash. -. The amount of Bitcoin needed to buy a Balenciaga hoodie worth $1,250 last November would cost just under $563 today. When asked if the recent market crash would affect Balenciaga’s position on the cryptocurrency, Charbit was only interested in the “long-term” trend.

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