5 coins , , TRB, and led by will be the coins with strong growth in the future.

Although we cannot predict the future, we can learn from what happened in the past. And there are some tokens that are fairly easy to predict based on analysis of their historical transaction patterns.

In fact, there are 5 cryptocurrencies in particular that can give a big advantage to the astute traders.

These 5 tokens all exhibit the following things in common:

  • In a strong bull market, their average gains in the 24h, 48h, and 72h frames are all about the same.
  • In extremely strong market conditions, they also increase after 24h, 48h and 72h on average.
  • The minimum average increase in 72h after extreme surge is 10%.

Although this is past price action and of course not a guarantee of future performance. But it is worth noting that these tokens, topped by (), often achieve large returns under similar conditions, even though other tokens such as and () trended down during the same time period, as did a number of other tokens that have had little correlation with historical price action.

Basis for making predictions

Have you heard about intelligent proprietary data platform Market Pro and includes only the quantum transactions VORTECS Score.

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Under hypothetical conditions, this metric generates an amazing ROI that can total thousands of percent in a few months.

However, when it comes to trading historical precedents, understanding the price action habits of each digital asset is more helpful than using aggregate data. This is one way that traders can see which asset classes will follow the familiar path to big profits.

The history of which cryptocurrency has the most homogeneity?

The idea of the VORTECS Score indicator is to provide traders with a visual perspective on multidimensional patterns in the past performance data of a crypto-asset. The most basic principle of the Score index is the number of times when individual tokens have similar moves and social trends before the price explodes. These metrics will help with making trading decisions but they are not predictions for price action.

Average gain

The chart depicts 20 coins with VORTECS scores since launch so the platform is above 80 or 90.

A high score indicates a bullish outlook for the coin. A point of 90, a rather rare point, represents the possibility of a price move higher and has a clear purpose if conditions at this point are similar to past bull times.

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In the chart below, the columns represent the average gain over certain time periods. For example, green is annotated as 72/90, representing the average increase in content generated 72h after reaching 90 VORTECS, orange is the average return after 48h to 80 VORTECS score.

AVAX and 4 coins will surprise you

(AVAX) is probably the token with the clearest and most consistent history. Not only is there a high point during the rising price, but the gain also perfectly reinforces the point of the index.

  • Point 80, selling price after 24 hours: average increase of 3% billion
  • Point 80, selling price after 48 hours: average increase of 6%
  • Point 80, selling price after 72 hours: average increase of 9%
  • Point 90, selling price after 24 hours: average increase of 12%
  • Score 90, selling price after 48 hours: an average increase of 16%
  • Point 90, selling price after 72 hours: average increase of 28%

Some other coins also have a high degree of consistency, reflected in the closely spaced columns.

() is a great example such as increasing 4% at 24/80, 7% at 48/80 and 9% at 72/80.

Other coins offer less profit after VORTECS score hits 80 but big performance after scoring 90 points.

Example: Tellor (TRB) with an average return of 5% 72h after reaching 80 points and 17% 72h after reaching 90 points.

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Columns that go below 0 are tokens that lose value after reaching the VORTECS score. However, this number is quite large.

Most of the electronic assets surpassing 80 points VORTECS recorded a consistent price increase in the next 24 to 72 hours and the price maintained for a long time.

The chart shows that traders can be confident when the VORTECS Score stands out like AXS, , AVAX, and TRB and be cautious when trading or .

AVAX announces $200 million development fund

Avalanche (AVAX) announced "Blizzard" fund worth more than $200 million for developers building on the network.

The Fund will provide liquidity to decentralized finance application innovation early stage projects (), the tolen and other products online.

According to a November 1 announcement, the AVAX development fund has participation from the Avalanche Foundation, Ava Labs, Polychain Capital, Three Arrows Capital, Dragonfly Capital, and CMS Holdings.

Blizzard will prioritize four key growth areas in the Avalanche ecosystem: , enterprise applications, and cultural applications. The funds will be used for equity investments, token purchases, partnership development, technology, and business development.

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