Scaling solutions chain layer 2 has been released only me. This Chain has been used for the Community Points system of .

Arbitrum Nova is a new chain mainly for games and social applications, and was first announced earlier this year and is the first chain built using Arbitrum's AnyTrust technology.

This chain is for high-volume projects looking for low-cost and high-security solutions. Arbitrum has said that it has given access to more than 100 development teams and uses the Data Availability Committee, whose initial members include ConsenSys, , Google Cloud, Offchain Labs, P2P, Quicknode and .

One of the chain's successes is the implementation of Reddit's Community Points system on Nova. While there are currently only two communities, that number could grow. The focus now is on incentivizing development, building the ecosystem and then the user base.

Developers were able to start building on Nova and several projects are already live on the chain including SushiSwap.

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Nova is different from Arbitrum where the Data Availability Committee receives the transaction data first and the data will only happen on-chain if the committee doesn't approve it. It makes the assumption that at least two committee members are honest.

Arbitrum has some tentative plans for the coming weeks in which, it will move arrived at Nitro on August 31 and transferred Rinkeby to Nitro.

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