Federal Reserve monetary tightening announcement and recent market action caused investors to lose confidence. However, some needs the attention of the community in the coming year.

Eg, already integrated smart contract capabilities through a beta release on the platform in 2021. Furthermore, the platform may have several partnerships and launch in 2022.

Launching the Metaverse project

According to a release Recently, the focus of the project has been on bringing developments to the mainnet. Along with that, some projects and is built in at an early stage like Disentangle and Plus.

In addition, analyst Lark Davis believe The upcoming SOLICE is also an interesting project.

“People are basically looking for , Decentraland next. This is a project that could be that version.”

In the first quarter of 2022, the platform is expected to introduce mini games in the Solice Metaverse, along with the introduction of staking and the LAND pre-sale.

At the same time, the next focus in space maybe . Recent Route 2 FI Commentator suppose, I think perhaps undervalued while noting its interesting protocols like .

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“The market capitalization increased from 2.5 billion to 10 billion in the span of 2 months. Thus, while the market capitalization of quadrupled since November, the price of increased from 40 to 103 USD (2.5 times), before falling to about 70 USD”.

DeFi projects

In the future, analyst Davis will also keep in the list its adoption rate for 2022 as its acceptance level is currently excellent. On January 1, 2022, Network has notification total guaranteed value (TVS) exceeded $75 billion, an increase of more than 10 times over the same period last year. With 1000 projects, the official channel of record:

“Apps on Chainlink make up the majority on lending & derivatives markets , get the network has important on-chain market data to back it up.”

Furthermore, it should be noted that the number of projects coming into operation could double next year. With the buzz surrounding Chainlink's staking launch this year, the launch of the cross-chain interoperability protocol (CCIP) is also something to watch out for.

Together with Convex Finance, also attracted the attention of analysts.

“For both of these properties, I still rate them as having great potential. Both are actually worth several billion dollars each by market capitalization.”

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Credible  tweets:

“At current prices, is the most asymmetric risk-reward coin in the current space. The combination of charts, fundamentals, and the ability to earn APR 50% while waiting for the price to rise is extremely hard to find in this space.”

Notably, Convex has the total value locked () is close to $20 billion on DeFillama and was one of the better performing tokens in the last month. Davis commented:

“Most of the supply of both coins is locked. So that means what is available in the market is only a very small part of their total supply. We can see that as a really big price catalyst.”

In addition to the projects mentioned above, analysts are optimistic about Polkadot due to new product launches like . With that said, it looks like 2022 will be an eventful year for the market.

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