Alchemy, the platform that provides the infrastructure well known, announced integration with Astar to enhance development on Polkadot.

integration with Astar extends Web3 infrastructure on . Image source: TheBlock

According to the announcement tonight, Web3 . developer officially supported Astar Network, the 3rd project to win the auction parachain above . This move will allow developers to build their projects easily on Astar via Alchemy's API.

Under the framework of the cooperation, developers will be granted the right to use the Alchemy SuperNode API to create applications never before seen on Polkadot. Since the Alchemy SuperNode has high throughput, the data analysis will be better and therefore it will be easier to scale the network.

In addition, developers are also invited to participate in “Build2Earn”, a staking that Astar just launched. Users can adopt this initiative to vote for the want to support with ASTR tokens to earn rewards. This model will also incentivize developers to build applications on top of the protocol.

Rob Boyle, product lead at Alchemy, said:

“The Alchemy infrastructure makes it easy for developers to build any dApp with limitless scalability, accuracy, and reliability. We are excited to partner with Astar to drive a new Web3 era that powers the decentralized applications of the future.”

Astar (formerly Plasm Network) to be launched in 2021 as a smart contract compatible with (EVM) and WebAssembly (WASM). Currently Astar is operating as a Polkadot, helps developers quickly migrate and communicate with smart contracts and dApps from external networks.

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In January of this year, Astar raised $22 million from Polychain, and creator of Polkadot – Dr

Currently, there are more than 55 million USD locked () in the Astar ecosystem, down significantly from its peak of $387 million in April. And perhaps with Alchemy's help, Astar will soon return to its heyday.

Volatility by Astar Network. Source: LIama

Behind Alchemy is a group of "quality" leaders with a reputation in the industry including co-founders Nikil Viswanathan and Joseph Lau, both of whom are among the industry's richest billionaires. in 2022, with a fortune of about $2.2 billion per person. During the past year, the organization has continuously made significant moves to expand its Web3 platform.

After raising $ 200 million in February 2022, raising the company's valuation to $ 10.2 billion; The company recently expanded to last month and announced a $25 million funding program for Web3 startups two weeks later.

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