Investment funds was found to be in debt to Voyager despite having previously bailed out the company.

Surprise: Voyager "reverse debt" 377 million USD

Follow bankruptcy documents announced by Voyager, the investment fund Alameda Research is currently the company's second largest "debtor". hey, second only to Three Arrows Capital ().

Specifically, Alameda Research owes Voyager up to 376.7 million USD, with an interest of 1% - 11.5%/year. Meanwhile, the amount that Three Arrows Capital owes Voyager is $ 654.1 million, which has been demanded by the company since the end of June but has not received a reply. Voyager then stated “insolvent” and insists on taking legal action to get the money back.

Units are in debt to Voyager Digital

Other organizations that are borrowing money from Voyager include Genesis, Wintermute, Mike Novogratz's Galaxy Digital, etc., but the total value is not large.

Both Three Arrows Capital and Voyager have filed for bankruptcy in a court in New York (USA).

The confusing thing here is that after experiencing liquidity difficulties, Voyager claims to have sought the help of Alameda Research and was provided by this investment fund for a loan of up to 200 million USD in cash/, same 15,000 won () – worth USD 485 million at the time of borrowing. In return, the investment fund will hold up to 22.6 million Voyager shares, 11.6% company shares. However, Alameda later claimed to have returned 4.5 million shares.

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In addition, the bankruptcy filing also mentions that Voyager owes Alameda about $75 million unsecured, so this amount could be the amount the fund lent to the company minus the amount owed by the fund. company.

Neither Alameda Research nor Voyager has made an official statement about the figures published in the bankruptcy filing.

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